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Coach Can Vanli

The Multistage 20-Meter Test

The 20-m Shuttle run test is one oft he most commonly performed endurance fitness test and is also known as Bleep Test, Beep Test, Yo-Yo-Test, Yo-Yo-Endurance-Test,  Multi stage 20-m Test, MFST/MST, Pacer Test, Léger -Test, Aero Test. 


In different countries the test is named as follows:

Test de Léger (France),

Mekik Testi (Turkey),

Test Course-Navette (Spain),

Kestävyyssukkulajuoksu (Finnland),

20メートルシャトルラ (Japan),

Biptest (Norway),

Челночный бег (Russia).

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Variation  8,0 to 8,5 km/h:


Out of Ireland came the Queen’s University of Belfast protocol (Riddoch, 1990) , which is a hybrid of the two protocols above, starting at 8.0 km/hour and increasing by 0.5 km/hour for each one minute stage.

Variation 8,0 to 9,0 km/h:

A version has been published by the British National Coaching Foundation, which is a variant on that originally described by Léger et al. (1984). Participants start at a speed of 8.0 km/hr, with the second stage at 9.0 km/hr, and thereafter there is an increase in speed by 0.5 km/hr each stage.

Results for mens and womens

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World Championship 2002, 3.Place.

Technical Staff Turkish Nationalteam


Conferations Cup 2003, 3.Place.

Technical Staff Turkish Nationalteam


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2013 ELITE-CUP with Al Ahed


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